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Save time and earn more.
MedMo is designed to link networks of Quebec physicians for the purposes of increasing the time-efficiency and effectiveness of telephone consultations in Quebec. Call an entire geo-located network in seconds, have an appropriate consultant call you back, and streamline the billing paperwork - automatically and effortlessly!
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Direct & network consults
Send and receive direct consultations from other medical professionals in your region.
Quick tap status
Easily change your status to “On-Call” or go offline with one simple tap.
Archived consult logs
Effortlessly keep track of all your outgoing and incoming accepted consultations
Easily access the consultation menu from any page within the app using the quick view consultation table.
Send a request
Send multiple specialists available in your area a consultation request at the touch of a button.
Receive a request
Accept or reject incoming consultations physicans in your area.
Track requests
View your outgoing, incoming and pending requests at the touch of a button.
Free Download
Get the MedMo app for FREE